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Corporate responsibility stories

We believe in our responsibility – to the planet, our people and the communities we serve. As these stories demonstrate, we strive to play an important role in solving some of the world’s most pressing challenges.

AU CR - Maximizing opportunities


Maximising opportunities for indigenous groups in Australia

As one of the world’s largest private employers, we recognize the role we play in improving employment opportunities for people across the globe, in particular people from vulnerable populations. In Australia, we’re taking direct action to ensure sustainable employment and career development for indigenous Australians.

FI CR - A multicultural workplace


A multicultural workplace

In 2018, ISS Finland started active recruitment through the Startup Refugees volunteer network, which aims to help asylum-seekers find work or start their own business. Learn more about the programme and hear from Israa Saaed Hasan about joining ISS.

ES CR - Empowering women


Empowering women through decent jobs

Through ISS’s One More Smile foundation, our people in Spain and Portugal have directly impacted more than 8,500 people in developing countries by financing and supporting local NGO-led programmes which facilitate access to decent work – in Africa, Asia and the Americas.



ISS Social Mobility Project

ISS’s Social Mobility Project offers a comprehensive learning and development programme for frontline staff in India who come from an underprivileged and poor socioeconomic background – helping them pursue better career opportunities and stronger livelihoods.

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